Our Menu

Snacks, Pizzas, and Apperitizers are Available Anytime we are open

Spent Grain Breadsticks $6 served with Garlic Parm  (Wit)

Cheese Platter $8 Because nothing goes with a great craft beer than a great crafted cheese (Campfire Porter)

Smoked Sausage Platter $6 served with mustard and crackers (Twist and Shout )

Smoked Trout Platter $9 served with mascarpone cheese crackers(Aaron ‘sAlt)

Jalapeno Cheese dip $6 Has a nice kick to it. (Twist and Shout)

Herb Veggie Dip  $7 Made with locally sourced cheese Served fresh veggies  (Cream Ale)

Liver Pate $7 Not your grandma’s pate, served with veggies and crackers(Seven Sisters)

Pizzas from Falbo Bros in Sun Prairie. Ask what we have available today! Yes, a gluten free pizza is available :)

Available on Fridays starting at noon

Fried Haddock Po Boy $8.50 we dredge our haddock in corn meal and fry it. Served on Rye hoggie with mixed greens and house tarter. Your choice of side (Twist and Shout Stout)

Fried Haddock Fish Tacos $8.50 we dredge our haddock in corn meal and fry it. Served on flour tortillas with mixed greens, cheddar cheese and house tarter. Your choice of side (It’s delightful)

Fish Fry $10.75-3 pieces of haddock, fried or grilled , served with bread and two sides (Seven Sisters)

Cheddar Cheese Quesadillas $5.75 Choose corn or flour tortillas . Want to add extra toppings, go for it, 75cents each !(Mr. Witt)

Loaded Pots $5.00 Pub chips ,cheddar cheese and bacon.. Want to add more stuff? Add extra ingredients for 75 cents

*Build a Burger like Becky $9 Our friend Becky likes to have a different burger every night. Pick two toppings from the list below and make the burger your own. ¼lb. You choice of side

(Suggested Beer: All of them, nothing like a good burger & beer)

Add extra items for 75 cents

This meat is lean and wonderful. We grill these up medium. We do not recommend asking for them  well, they turn into hockey pucks.

Are you extra hungry…make it a double $2.00

Bread: Sourdough, Jalapeno Cheese, Rye


Swiss Cheese    Cheddar Cheese      Mascarpone Smoked Bleu Sauce                    Little Kick Sauce  Sautéed Onions        Raw Onions     Bacon       Garlic Parm Sauce              Pickled Pepper Seasonal  fresh veggies        Sautéed mushrooms

Homemade pie from Dena $3 Strawberry Rhubarb, or Apple