What’s on Tap?

On tap today: 7/3/2014                                                         

  • It’s Delightful  Hefe-Brewed according to German law. Delightful ride for your mouth, with a banana finish. 9%abv
  • Throwback Pale Ale-Classic German style Ale. Light color, try this with grapefruit juice for a refreshing HSB Shandy 6%abv
  • Campfire Porter-A hint of smoke flavor, dark color, with a complex malt profile. A Hydro favorite.  7%abv
  • Newport Red-This Irish Red is on tap in cooler months. We love it’s lightly roasted character and balance between hops bitterness and aroma
  • Not Your Uncles Dunkle- Dark in color, but light in body. Low hop profile, high drinkability
  • Golden Creek-This Belgium Triple Ale is aged with apple wood chips soaked in Fawn Creeks Merlot 10%abv
  • Mmmmm Maple-This special brew only happens once a year. Subtle maple flavor and a little hoppy finish. 6.5%abv
  • Orange Balloon-Hydro’s Gluten free brew. Subtle hints of orange and coriander 7%abv
  • Truancy IPA-Naughty little Indian Pale Ale. Mid-range body with plenty of citrus character from local hops 6.6%abv
  • Leo’s Raspberry/Strawberry Cream Soda
  • Leo’s Rootbeer
  • Homemade Ginger Ale