What’s on Tap?

On tap today: updated 6/25/2015

Mug Club Party on July 5th will feature a Hopped up Pale Ale

  • Biodiversity-Open Air Fermentation SourThis an old German recipe that Aaron is playing around with. Bright Citrus Notes. 6.5%abv
  • Crawfish River-The brew goddess’s favorite new brew. Similar in color to the Crawfish river, wonderful complex earthy hop profile. 7%abv
  • Throw Back Pale Ale-this tasty malty brew goes down smooth. I also like it mixed with grapefruit juice for a refreshing shandy! 6%abv
  • It’s Delightful Hefe-Brewed according to German law. Delightful ride for your mouth, with a banana finish. 5% abv
  • Truancy IPA-Naughty little Indian Pale Ale. Mid-range body with plenty of citrus character from local hops. 7%abv

Guest Taps-Mershon’s Artistian Cider, Honey Blond (Port Huron)


  • Leo’s  Cream Soda
  • Leo’s Rootbeer
  • Home Made Ginger Ale