What’s on Tap?

On tap today: updated 4/13/2015

  • Twist and Shout Stout-This batch is very smooth with subtle coffee tones. 6.5%abv
  • Choc Ness Monster-This is the first attempt at a special chocolate cherry scotch ale to be released at Tex Tubbs for craft beer week. 8%abv
  • Saffron Pale Ale-This is a very limited release. Fun nutty nose and slight spice at the end of the pint. Beautiful orange color. 6%abv
  • Orange Balloon-Gluten Free Orange coriander brew. 5%abv
  • Ol Pappy’s-APA, little malty with a nice hoppy finish-Yep those are Cascade Hops from The WI Hop Exchange. 5.5%abv
  • Gruit v. Yarrow-This brew was made with yarrow flowers instead of hops. It is also Gluten free. Wonderful light brew for the Spring. 5.0%abv
  • It’s Delightful Hefe-Brewed according to German law. Delightful ride for your mouth, with a banana finish. 5% abv
  • Campfire Porter-this is the one that inspired the brewery! 6.5%abv

Guest Taps-Mershon’s Artistian Cider, Honey Blond (Port Huron)


  • Leo’s  Cream Soda
  • Leo’s Rootbeer
  • Leo’s Watermelon Soda
  • Home Made Ginger Ale