What’s on Tap?

On tap today: updated 3/15/15


  • Eis Sister-This is the last of the Eis Beers for the season…which is good (no more snow)and bad (cause it is sooo good) 12%abv or so
  • Orange MuuMuu-Imperial IPA-Malty with  orange aroma and nice citrus finish. 7.5%abv
  • Twist and Shout Stout-This batch is very smooth with subtle coffee tones. 6.5%abv
  • Seven Sisters Scotch Ale-This a beautiful beer all around. Dark red with a slight Smokey character. 7%abv
  • It’s Delightful Hefe-Brewed according to German law. Delightful ride for your mouth, with a banana finish. 5% abv
  • R&D Hoppy Amber-Strong Grapefruit hop profile…if it ever gets warm this will make a wonderful shandy.  6%

Guest Taps-Mershon’s Artistian Cider, Honey Blond (Port Huron)


  • Leo’s  Cream Soda
  • Leo’s Rootbeer
  • Leo’s Caramel Apple Soda